Crocuses emerge triumphant in spring

Photography101: Triumph

A good subject for the last day. I am sure we have all triumphed in some way on the course, even if it is just managing to post something every day!

For my photo I have chosen the way spring triumphs over all that winter throws at it; t is a magical time for us gardeners.  We wait in trepidation to see what has made it through the hard frosts, the cold snow and the blustery winds; which new bulbs will appear, which shrubs will unfurl their soft new leaves and which trusty favourites will again delight us with their sudden appearance, from seemingly bare earth. They grow before our eyes in preparation  for their wonderful summer display.

This photo was taken in the Alps in Northern Italy, just as the snow was disappearing at the end of a valley. It was miraculous how the delicate crocuses were able to push up through the frozen ground as the snow receded.

Crocuses emerge triumphant in spring

Crocuses emerge triumphant in spring

I edit in iPhoto on a Mac. In this case I didn’t find much difference when I adjusted the contrast, but I did make a small change to highlights. This is a really useful adjustment as it brings out detail that otherwise gets lost in the lighter areas of the photo.

At this point I would like to thank all the fellow bloggers who have liked, commented and even followed me as a result of this course.  If I haven’t visited you yet, I will soon.

It has been a good experience and made me realise that there are a lot of other things to  photograph out there besides the natural world.

Watch this space. . . . .


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