Photography101: Edge

Here is a mountain edge I shot in the Alps.

Mountain ridge in the Alps

Mountain ridge in the Alps

And here is the original before I altered exposure, contrast and highlights.

Original photo

Original photo

Should I have done more or less or did I get it right?

And here is a cropped version.

Cropped photo

Cropped photo

I felt the house on the left was now too near the bottom and there wasn’t enough sky so here is  one with a little less taken off.

Same photo - less cropped

Same photo – less cropped

I would love to hear your thoughts. . . . .


15 thoughts on “Photography101: Edge

    • Thank you for commenting. A good point you make. It was certainly a beautiful place and one I hope to go back to one day. We had perfect conditions, crisp snow on the mountains and sunny days with blue skies for walking and photography. I wonder if it is possible to get that again?

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  1. I think I know that castle, or maybe I have seen one quite like this one. Since you asked for an opinion, personally I would go with less cropped version. I loved your original too, which I assume is an jpg file – jpgs are automatically edited by a camera, and still I can see more contrasts, and more vibrancy in your edited photo. Please let me know if you hate my comment.


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. It would be a good coincidence if you had seen that castle.
      We need to listen to what others think in order to progress, so I am always pleased to hear what people have to say. So long as someone doesn’t say they dislike a photo without giving any reason then I am happy to hear it. There is no point people saying they like everything as it becomes meaningless.
      I started with a raw file which I converted to a jpg in iPhoto (Mac) and I then edited it to hopefully make it better. Please continue giving me your opinion, good or bad!


      • It is my policy never to say anything bad to someone as I don’t consider myself authority on anything except maybe in my work; I hate sharing negative thoughts and feelings. I am being hurt on daily basis by insensitive and stupid people and will not be one of them. If I give my opinion it maybe as my advice (if you ask for it) what I would do with a particular photo. Do you remember where that castle is?


      • Of course, that’s where I saw it, from the road 🙂 You mentioned Austria in your post and I was mislead ;). I have traveled to Dolomites several times. I adore the region!


      • Oh sorry, I always think of the South Tyrol as Austrian rather than Italian! It is certainly a beautiful region and one I hope to visit again, especially now I have learn more about photography.


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