A memorable weekend in London

For the last few days I joined my husband, aka The Traveller, on the first part of his travels abroad.  We spend a couple of days in London and what a weekend we chose; we were able to see both the poppies at the Tower and The Lord Mayor’s parade.  The weather was pretty good too, apart from when we were watching the fireworks yesterday – then the heavens opened and we all got a good old drenching. Thankfully it didn’t stop the fireworks.

The real highlight of the trip was seeing the sea of poppies at the Tower. The first time we went was Friday afternoon, but there were so many people that it was impossible to appreciate them properly. We got up early the next morning and went along at 7 o’clock. It was much better, but there were still a lot of people with the same idea.

Here are my photos in remembrance of all those brave men.

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

an installation of over 800,000 poppies by ceramic artist Paul Cummings

Empty streets of London

After taking our photos we made our way to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  It was quite surreal walking down the middle of empty streets in such a busy city. The roads had been closed ready for the Lord Mayor’s Show later that morning.

London empty street looking towards St Pauls.

A very empty Fleet Street looking towards St Pauls.


Empty streets in London

Empty streets in London – not something you will see very often.

The Lord Mayor’s show

It the afternoon we stood on a pavement waving a Union Jack as all the floats of the parade went past The crowd was kept under the watchful eye of several British Bobbies..

Some very large, very shiny shoes belonging to a typical British Bobby.

Some very large, very shiny shoes belonging to a typical British Bobby.

It was difficult to take any proper photos of the parade, but these snaps will give you the idea of how colourful it was.

As soon as it was dark we watched some amazing fireworks over the Thames, but oh dear, I wish we hadn’t forgotten that umbrella! Luckily we weren’t too far from our hotel and after getting dry we finished off the day with a wonderful pizza with parma ham and rocket!


As I am taking part in the WordPress Photography101 course, I would really appreciate any comments on my photographs, especially ways they could have been improved.

If you want to view any further work by budding photographers then just search for the tag photo101.


17 thoughts on “A memorable weekend in London

  1. Hi there, Your gallery captures the excitement of the parade. My favourite is of the bandsman playing his fife.I also enjoyed the sea of poppies. Our family (I’m from New Zealand) lost four great uncles to WW1 – it’s a poignant memorial for us.


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  3. Of all the images I have seen of the Tower recently, yours is the first that’s manage to put it all into perspective for me. So thanks for that Annette.
    Parade looks most enjoyable too. I’ve never been to London so thanks for sharing your weekend with us. Pizza with Parma ham, my fav! mmmm!


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