Photography 101: Water

We were challenged to consider whether a photo would look better shot vertically or horizontally.

Unless you are lucky enough to have an ipad I think it might depend on what device you are viewing it on.  Certainly on my laptop I cannot see the whole of a large vertical photograph without scrolling which rather takes away the impact.

These two photos were taken last year down in Perthsire, Scotland on a photography weekend.

How are you viewing them and which do you prefer?

Horizontal shot of river

Horizontal shot of river

vertical shot of river

vertical shot of river

I have just realised this theme give me the option of other sizes so this may be better for a vertical image, though it doesn’t have the same impact when small does it?

vertical shot of river

vertical shot of river

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2 thoughts on “Photography 101: Water

  1. It seems my human mom tends to like taking vertical shots…but then the dad is always complaining he has to crank his head to view them on the computer…so impatient to wait for a rotation which ends up smaller to fit the landscape oriented screen! or, like here you can’t see the whole vertical pic at the same time. Wonderful captures either way. =^,,^=


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